Since most children in the U.S. will receive adequate medical care for this disease, Gift of Life, Inc. focuses its efforts around the world, where identified children face certain mortality without surgical intervention. Leading U.S. hospitals have confirmed that if a parent, who has no medical insurance and not the adequate financial resources, was to enter their medical facility with a child in need of life-saving surgery, they would not turn them away. Every attempt would be made to save the child’s life. In most developing countries, this care is not available.

The Gift of Life, Inc. pays a nominal fee to the hospitals we collaborate with to perform life saving heart surgery. To save one child’s life, it cost $5,000 for catherization and most other procedures. In the case of there being open heart surgery, the cost increases to $7,500.

100% of donations given to The Gift of Life, Inc. go directly to saving a child’s life.

A collaborate effort between Rotary Clubs and other organizations in the child’s country help pay for the transportation (flight) of the child and one parent. With the money raised, The Gift of Life, Inc. then arranges for the child and one parent to live at the Ronald McDonald House for the duration of their stay. The Ronald McDonald House provides food at no extra cost due to generous donations from local businesses and citizens. Additionally, local volunteers help with transportation involved with going to and from the airports, hospitals, and doctor visits.

As for the lodging, living expenses, surgery, and hospitalization, the costs are covered through generous donations. This includes both direct donations and money raised through events.

Gift of Life, Inc. is grateful to accept donations either through our secure website via credit card, or by Check or Money Order.

Check and Money Orders should be mailed to:

Gift of Life, Inc., 475 Northern Blvd, Suite 22, Great Neck, NY, 11021

To find out more about Gift of Life, Inc. and our efforts to bring life-saving open heart surgery to children in need, please contact us directly via this website or:

Cindy Messineo Kudler, Executive Program Director

Gift of Life, Inc., 475 Northern Blvd, Suite 22, Great Neck, NY, 11021

Email: GiftofLife1@aol.com

Office: 516-504-0830
Cell: 516-639-2327